AGC General Meetings are held on:

the first Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m., October through May

Coffee and light refreshment, 10:00 a.m.

AGC business is conducted at the beginning of each meeting, plan accordingly

General Meetings are open to non-members. A donation of $10.00 is greatly appreciated. On rare occasions an additional fee is required to cover costs of floral material and mechanics.

*Please note - when Andover schools are closed or delayed, due to inclement weather, The Andover Garden Club meeting is cancelled.


 AGC General meetings are at:

South Church Fellowship Hall, Central St., Andover, MA, unless otherwise noted.

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Entrance to Fellowship Hall is on the right side of the church, toward the rear of the building.



Date & Program

October 3, 2017 (55 Towne Rd, Boxford,MA)

Ifarm Permaculture Tour

Ifarm's head permaculturist, Debby Richards, will lead the AGC group through the farm's two-acre, organic permaculture garden. She will describe the process of establishing and growing a sustainable and self-sufficient garden, including the use of sheet mulching, composting and the concepts of permaculture. Participants will have a chance to ask questions, to wander the garden, and to sample some of Ifarm's own herbs.

Photos by F.Y.J Wheeler of iFarm Tour 10/3/17 

November 7, 2017

Designing for the Holidays

Expert designer Julie Lapham has over twenty years of experience providing the perfect floral touch to special occasions and holiday gatherings. Proprietor of Julie Lapham Designs in Southborough, MA, Julie will dazzle the eye with an array of creative arrangements and will share tips to help us decorate with seasonal flair. Following the program, attendees can purchase raffle tickets for Julie's distinctive designs.

December 5, 2017

Wreath Workshop

Once again members will be able to usher in the holiday season by decorating a wreath. Sign up in advance to purchase wreaths to be assembled at the workshop.  Please bring your own ribbon and decorations. Someone will be available to help make bows. Join your AGC friends for a morning of creativity and festive fun.  It is requested that NO GUESTS be invited to this meeting due to the increased size of the club and space limitations of the hall. 

January 2, 2018

Bringing Nature Home to Your Garden


Rebecca Warner is a home gardener in Newton, MA, with thirty years' experience working toward developing a sustainable garden. Club members will learn from Warner how to choose beautiful plants that will attract beneficial insects and pollinators to our yards. Warner will also share a number of garden maintenance tricks that will make our properties hospitable to a wide variety of friendly insects.  

February 6, 2018

Creating an Imaginative Landscape

                                                                                                               Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

                                                                                                               Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Tom Strangfeld believes in creating vibrant, imaginative landscapes by mixing equal parts people, places and plants. According to his gardening philosophy, a home's exterior should be as important and personal as its interior, and should not be just a lawn with a collection of evergreens around a foundation. Tom's presentation stems from a project he has been working on in Wellfleet, MA, since 2010 and is sure to be a source of many creative landscaping ideas.

Read more about Tom Strangefield at "Helping people take back their yards" and see pictures of his garden here.

March 6, 2018

Organic Gardening


We all hear a lot about “organic gardening,” but how can we actually practice it? Rita Wollmering, owner of the HERB FARMacy in Salisbury, MA, will teach us the “basics” and share tips for growing high-quality plants in environmentally-friendly ways. Rita's program will focus on plant selection and requirements, and plant and soil care, as well as the harvesting and use of herbs and vegetables. Today's presentation will make “Going Green” a lot easier.

April 3, 2018

Birdscaping: Home Sweet Habitat

This delightfully illustrated program explores the importance of creating welcoming habitats for birds through thoughtful landscape choices, including native plants vital for food and nesting sites. Bird lover Joan Butler will explore the joys and benefits of creating beautiful layered gardens designed to bring avian performers right into your own backyard.  

Read more about Joan Butler at Enchanted Gardens.

May 1, 2018

Floral Designing with Panache

Stow florist Tony Todesco is a legend within floral design circles. Through his creative use of plant material and his technical knowledge, Tony has become a sought after designer and lecturer. This morning, Tony will work his particular magic, amazing us as he creates both traditional and unique floral designs. At the conclusion of this exciting program, Tony's creations will be raffled off to attendees.