Date & Program

October 4, 2016

The Right-Size Flower Garden

Today, the reality of a “bigger is better” garden no longer holds the same allure as a “small is smarter” one. We’re busy, we’re aging, and the demands of the garden can feel overwhelming. What to do? Make smarter use of the space we have and the plants we select, says award-winning garden expert, Kerry Ann Mendez. Kerry Ann shares the dramatic personal experience that demanded downsizing her own gardens and redefining her recipe for the right-size, low maintenance, drought tolerant garden. The goal is ditching 50% of the work by choosing high-value plants and making simple design changes. The result is having a garden we can manage and love again.

November 1, 2016

Living Sculpture: The Art of Bonsai

Michael Levin is founder and proprietor of Bonsai West which has a masterpiece gallery representing the most extensive collection of specimen bonsai outside of Japan.  The Littleton, MA nursery features the work of American bonsai artists as well as trees styled by artists in Japan, Korea,and China including works by first-generation bonsai artists.  Since 1982 Bonsai West has attracted bonsai lovers and plant people from around the world where says Levin “everyone who visits our nursery feels the power of the trees and that certain beauty that is unique and hard to find in our commercial world.

December 6, 2016

Wreath and Boxwood Tree Workshop

Once again members will choose to decorate a wreath or make a tabletop boxwood Christmas tree by signing up in advance to purchase the materials to be assembled at the workshop.  Ribbons will be provided but please bring your own decorations. 

Join your AGC friends for a morning of creativity and holiday fun.  It is requested that NO GUESTS be invited to this meeting due to the increased size of the club and space limitations of the hall.

No General Meeting January, 2017

February 7, 2017

The Rose Kennedy Greenway – What’s New!

Stuart Shillaber, Superintendent of Horticulture, and Anthony Ruggiero, Horticulture Foreman, will describe the ongoing development of The Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks in the heart of Boston.  Built atop the highway tunnel created by the largest infrastructure project in U.S. history, the “Big Dig”, the Greenway’s 17 acres include signature fountains, a magical carousel, nationally recognized food trucks, art installations, and organically maintained gardens.  The Greenway is host to over 300 free events per year!  Offering something for everyone, events include everything from Food Truck festivals to fitness classes, farmer’s markets, concerts, play groups, block parties and more. 

March 7, 2017

Our Grandmothers Knew What They Were Doing!

Laura Bibler is a landscape designer, horticultural consultant, specialist in historic garden preservation, lecturer, and our very own AGC member.  In this presentation, Laura brings to life the design approach and sage advice of prominent garden writers of the early 20th Century.  Their pearls of wisdom continue to inform us on color blending, cultural considerations, plant placement and overall design.  Find inspiration for your own garden and enjoy learning about the fascinating horticultural wisdom handed down from our grandmothers’ time.  You’ll agree with Laura that truly our grandmothers knew what they were doing. 

April 4, 2017

Color Gardens:  Beautiful Perennial Combinations from Spring thru Frost

Maria von Brincken is an award-winning and published certified landscape designer celebrating her 22nd year in professional practice.  Maria specializes in custom landscape and hardscape design creating harmonious outdoor spaces and colorful flower gardens using native and ornamental plants.  Her lecture will focus on using color theory and texture for both sunny and shady areas creating color waves of plant combinations, ensuring a sequence of blooms from spring to frost. Her lecture, handouts, and slide images of her own and clients’ gardens, will be inspiring for us to create our own winning combinations. 

May 2, 2017

Great Public Gardens of New England

 Suzanne Mahler is a garden writer, photographer, popular lecturer, and avid gardener who has been developing the 1.5 acre property surrounding her home in Hanover, MA for more than thirty years with recognition-winning results.  Over the years she has visited the Great Public Gardens of New England and will share her photographs of and enthusiasm for these special places.   All within a tank of gas away, you will be inspired to add these destinations to your bucket list if you have not yet visited them.

June 6, 2017

Sogetsu Ikebana:  Japanese Flower Arranging

Location: Andover Country Club. Tomoko Tanaka, a Wellesley resident, began her studies of Ikebana at the age of fourteen in her native Japan.  Today she holds a certificate of Riji, the highest rank of the Sogetsu School, an internationally recognized school of Japanese flower arranging.  While creating her own floral arrangements, Tomoko Tanaka will present a brief history of this ancient art that emphasizes bringing human emotions into harmony with nature.  Ikebana weaves living materials and creative self-expression together with specific rules of construction.  It suggests a way to cultivate inner peace and self-discipline, a good way to begin to enjoy the coming summer in our own gardens. This meeting is open to the public.