Shade Annuals

Bowillia Endless Sensation.jpeg

So few annuals produce a good show of flowers in shade. And shade is what I have, lots of it.  Browallia, especially the recent ‘Endless’ series by Proven Winners, has been a great success.  It comes in shades of purple or white.  This is ‘Endless Sensation’ last year.  This year I have the similar ‘Endless Illumination’ in the same container.  Full shade but I do use liquid fertilizer at least once a week.  No deadheading.  This view is opposite a window where we enjoy it from indoors as well.  Note, the old ‘Marine’ series of Browallia is not nearly as showy.  The ‘Endless’ series has many more and larger flowers.  They are…well, endless.  At least til frost!  

-- Virginia Begg, Andover Garden Club